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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You may pick up your rider packet on either Saturday, September 10 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. or on Sunday, September 11 between 6:00 – 10:00 a.m. at the Door County Fairgrounds in Sturgeon Bay.

    You can start any time between 6 am and 10 am. To reduce congestion on the roads and afford flexibility to the participants, there is no mass start to this event. We do encourage you to plan according to your anticipated pace and your target finish time. Remember that if you leave too late to ride the longer course routes, you risk missing the posted open hours of operation for our rest stops. If you leave too early for our shorter distances, you risk arriving back in Sturgeon Bay to very little fanfare and before the post-event meal is served. All riders should finish by 5:00 pm since the post-ride dinner ends promptly at 6:00 pm.

    The DCC does not offer refunds. Due to the need to order materials in advance, the massive logistical undertaking, and to meet our financial commitment to our charity partners, the ride does not offer refunds or defer entries to future years under any circumstances.

    Transfers of registrations to other riders are allowed before August 1st.

    Also, situational refunds due to an injury, personal matter, or weather related issue will not be given.

    Transfers are only available to pre-registered riders before the August 1st cutoff date. It is up to the rider to find their own replacement and handle any financial matters between themselves and a buyer. Formal transfers can be accommodated by visiting the transfer my registration link prior to August 1st.

    Although photo ID is not required at packet pick up, participants who allow someone else to take their place by directing them to pick up their packet and use their wrist/bike band have a dilemma on their hands:

    1. The replacement rider assumes the registered rider’s identity, including emergency contact information, during the ride
    2. The replacement rider is riding without a signed waiver
    3. In an instance of an emergency or accident during the event, the DCC organizers will not have any information on the replacement rider and have no reference information available to them
    4. If the DCC organizers wish to communicate an emergency situation to riders during the event via a broadcast text, the replacement rider will not receive any communication whatsoever
    5. The replacement rider also poses risks to the other riders who are formally pre-registered. In a dispute over conduct, physical or verbal altercation, or cycling collision between riders, ride organizers would side with the registered rider in all cases

    The choice is completely yours. Even on the day of the ride you can determine what distance you would like to go. You can even change your mind during the event regarding how far you want to travel. This is a one-day tour, not a race.  Your start time, finish time, and distance are completely up to you. Please be mindful of starting early if you plan to do one of the longer routes. The festivities at the finish area officially close down at 6:00pm.

    DCC course routes are marked in the following manner:

    1. All routes are universally marked with bright red and white 18′ x 24″ staked yard signs with large arrows. These are marked as DCC COURSE ROUTE.
    2. Initial route for all riders to first rest station (Murphy Park) is marked with white athletic field chalk in the shape of an arrow.
    3. From Murphy Park, the 30 mile course is marked with yellow arrows
    4. From Murphy Park, the 50 mile course is marked with blue arrows
    5. From Murphy Park, the 70 mile course is marked with orange arrows
    6. From Murphy park, the 100 mile course is marked with green arrows

    The Door County Century’s 4 courses do not have mile markers. Because of the concentric nature of the loops, segments of roadways are often shared by more than one route. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible for all mile increments to coincide.

    In years past, mile markers and countdown markers were posted, but in most cases these marks were not completely accurate and in some cases estimates. Also, because of the number of pavement markings involved, local municipalities mandated that we discontinue these marks altogether.

    Absolutely not. You may ride on any style of bike you choose. The entire course is on road surfaces, so road bikes and upright hybrid bikes are the typical styles of bikes used by participants. Every year, we see plenty of cruisers, mountain bikes, and fat bikes on our courses.

    Because the DCC is not a race, we do not offer medals to our participants.

    The Door County Century has issued enamel pins to its finishers in the past and in 2021, will bring back the tradition with a beautiful 4-color commemorative enamel pin for all riders who pick up their packets on event weekend. These pins are for participants only and won’t be mailed to riders who do not attend.

    Showers are available after you ride on Sunday at the Door County Fairgrounds. The showers are located in the 4H building to the right of the start line. Within the facilities’ bathrooms riders can find limited shower accommodations.

    The ride will take place rain or shine. It has never been canceled due to cold, wet, or windy weather conditions.


    DCC ride officials reserve the right to cancel the event partially or entirely without refunds if course conditions deteriorate in a severe manner and/or dangerous weather (lightning, tornadic activity) is imminent before or during the event

    Of course.

    For child trailers, make sure your precious cargo are also wearing helmets (if applicable), and remember that only the riders pulling the trailers need to register and pay the DCC entry fee.

    For tandems (of any kind), both riders need to register, have bib numbers, and show valid rider credentials to participate.

    This is a ride and not a race in any way. Racing is discouraged and there are no results based on finish time. Our start and finish lines do not have timing mats.

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